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Asa dayoon~

 Ah, such a lovely Tuesday morning. Sitting at work, having my cup of coffee to try to wake up.

Yesterday I watched the rest of Gosick. It was such an awesome anime.. It changed a bit during the course of the series, but it all tied in nicely at the end. Even though the last 3 episodes felt a bit rushed..
I recommend it; even though most of the audio sometimes consist of Kujo saying "bikkutorikaaaa!" <_< (you will get it if you check it out..)
I don't enjoy murder mysteries at all, and not dark anime either, but somehow this managed to stay somewhat lighthearted and it was always intersting to watch.. And it really did getting 24 episodes justice.
If you want to look into that anime, it is still hosted on Crunchyroll.

Speaking of Crunchyroll; the summer animes are being released there these days.
There are alot of interesting ones to look into! Much more than I anticipated when I looked up the summer shows.
Also the amazing Steins;Gate and Nichijou continue for one more season; yay!

Hope you are enjoying the new anime as much as I do x3

Okkai; Vjii out!


 Hi there!
I thought I would write a little bit about myself here to get started.

Im 22 years old, but inside I am still about 16.
Im Norwegian, but have lived the last 4 years in Sweden, so I do not know what nationality I have anymore.

I have been into Japanese things for ever; and I can list that I both read and draw manga, watch anime and listen to japanese music. alot.
What I like tend to change, but I will probably keep you updated if you follow my journal :3
I also play tv games and i like gyaru fashion too..
I do also collect figures and here is my figure collection if you want to have a look at it:
I enjoy some things like Touhou, Homestuck and Vocaloid, but so far I have stayed away from getting into the fandoms of these. Yay.
Also I have never attended a con, but I want to someday; some part of me feel I am too old though.

I had pink hair once, and want to have it again some day. 
I usually spam alot of smileys when I type, and leave out capital letters. I guess that can be annoying.

What makes me most happy is going outside and seeing huge fluffy clouds in the sky.
Or travelling, while looking outside the window and listening to my favorite music.

I work at the moment, and my job is at the moment repairing Mac's, it is very interesting and fun to do.
Before that I worked at Apple support for a while,
and before that I attended a year Japanese at university.
I miss those days.

I'm always happy to meet new people~ So do not be shy! (even though I am ^^')
you can also find me on twitter:
And tumblr; If I ever get that figured out..

Jyaa~ yoroshikuu!! <3


 Im trying to figure out how this all works.

*clicks random buttons*



Oh, you are still here?

Well uh, sit down and have a cup of tea.
There is a hair in it isn't there.
Oh my, this is not going well at all.



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